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I write about a few specific topics, one is Ecological Psychology and Dynamic Systems Theory (and sometimes Enactivism), the other is more personal journey kind of stuff.

On EP/DST, I have a PhD in Experimental Psychology from University of Cincinnati where I had the opportunity to work with many field-forefront researchers on these background theories. I have stayed in academia and am pursuing a general path of creating methods based in EP/DST that may be useful outside of these theories in e.g. social psychological research. There is a particular method I am trying to port to different mediums (like the survey method) to generate much richer data in time-series, compared to the traditional snapshot averages. Link to blog posts in this category.

On the personal journey side of things I find I have a large need to express my thoughts, although I don’t think this means I am entitled to a platform to express them -but there is something cathartic to ‘expressing into the void’ (and as a bonus, someone, somewhere, may benefit from reading it too). Link to blog posts in this category.

I have tagged posts as well as I can, so if you are not into one or the other, hopefully you can find what you’re looking for through searching the space with keywords.