(4/4) Contrasting Computational and Ecological Strategy in a Virtual Interception Task.

Thesis experiment. Flying Spaghetti Monster I love research!
I have already alluded to the main finding of the study in this post. So I will solely give you the link to my thesis experiment document here (13 pages). For any correspondence feel free to either comment here or e-mail me at sf985 at live dot com.
Reference list for entire thesis found here.
Plus, lastly, the entire Master Thesis as .pdf can be downloaded from here. It has been publicised also through Lund University’s LUP service and should be publicly available from their database as soon as it is accepted. I’ll try and update this post with a direct link later.
Happy Midsummer Eve! Dancing around the Midsummer Pole pretending to be a frog obligatory!

[Edit 1/7: Thesis is now published and live at Lund University Publications]