A definition of endeavors in personality.

I want to apologise outright. I couldn’t help myself when reading Linda Smith’s chapter on “More than concepts: How multiple integrations make human intelligence”. There is a section describing an experiment where an infant’s feet are tied to a mobile above its crib and it reminded me of my beliefs about the construct of personality. Again, I do apologise, please take in jest. Original text first, Personality afterwards. (And just to clarify, the dig is at personality…)

Original text


Smith, L. B. (2010). More than concepts: How multiple integrations make human intelligence. The Making of Human Concepts, 335.

Angulo-Kinzler, R. M., Ulrich, B., & Thelen, E. (2002). Three-month-old infants can select specific leg motor solutions. Motor control6(1), 52-68.

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